CCTV/Video enhancement Solutions

Pro Hawk

  • Enhances many types of imagery including conventional video, high definition video, infrared, thermal and even medical images
  • ProHawktechnology utilizes powerful processors and software algorithms to enhance video images captured under challenging circumstances, every-time and in real-time…
  • ProHawkis a highly optimized platform for dynamic range enhancement and contrast optimization to increase the visible content of the video. It combines six interconnected processes to deliver the highest quality enhancement:
    – Dynamic Range Enhancement – The DEF algorithm uses dynamic range enhancement to minimize the effect of haze, mist, fog, dust and smoke.
    – Contrast Optimization – Using contrast histogram analysis in an innovative way to display the images hidden in both the bright and dark areas of the frame.
    –  Contextual Color Enhancement – DEF identifies the color in the over- and under-exposed areas of the image, delivering improved color representation
    – Edge Sharpening – The DEF algorithm reviews each pixel together with contiguous pixels for significant color changes, generating unrivalled edge sharpening and enhancing the detail in the resultant image.
    – Rapid Movement Detection – DEF allows the user to reduce the impact of rapid movement on the image. This minimizes the effects of rain, drizzle and snow.
    –  Visual Noise Reduction – Minimizes the impact of “noise” during high levels of enhancement.
  • ProHawkalso features Adaptive Enhancement; i-Acritas’s unique DEF enhancement methodology delivers a system that requires virtually no operator intervention to changing conditions. ProHawkis supplied with Control Interface Software allowing advanced users to refine the enhancement capabilities of up to 100 ProHawkunits from a single PC.

EX-IV, Thermal Imaging Driving Assistance System

  • Thermal Camera can detect up to 3 times longer distance compared to normal headlights
  • Weight: ≤375g, 78.5mm × 67mm × 81.6mm


Ikegami Ultra High SensitivityColor HD Camera [ISD-2500HD] :

  • Uses the newly developed HD CMOS sensor to enable color image capture even in star light condition.
  • Unlike conventional high sensitivity camera, this camera doesn’t use long exposure, thus eliminating blurry image. If combined with long exposure, the minimum illumination for color image is 0.0000025LUX.

Ikegami Super High Sensitivity 3CMOS HDTV Camera [HDL-4500]:

  • The HDL-4500 is a 3CMOS (2/3-inch 1.3M pixels, High-speed Multi-Sampling type) multi-purpose HDTV camera achieving super high sensitivity (Minimum illumination: 0.001 lux or less, 60 frame), With its compact one-piece form factor, this camera is suitable for various applications such as a weather camera, POV camera, and etc.