Founded in 1990 in United Kingdom, i2 is the leading worldwide provider of integrated suite of visual investigative analysis software for law enforcement, intelligence, military, Government and Fortune 500 organizations, with more than 2,000 customer base in around 160 countries.

About i2

i2 solutions are specifically designed to bring clarity to complex analysis, investigations and scenarios. i2’s products enable investigative information to be represented as visual elements that can be easily analyzed and interpreted.

Award-winning IBM i2 solutions brings clarity to complex investigations and intelligence analysis by uncovering hidden links between seemingly unrelated persons, places and events.

i2 is used to investigate and analyze in the areas of  gathering intelligence, counter terrorism, organized crime, drugs investigations, major investigation, volume crime, fraud (financial and non-financial cases), money laundering, telecoms and retail crime.

Product Range

IBM i2 product range, offers a complete spectrum of visual investigative analysis solutions:

Analyst’s Notebook

Analyst Notebook Premium

Enterprise Insight Analysis

Intelligence Analysis Platform


iBase Geographic Information Systems Interface


Analyst Workstation


Chart Reader

Our Valued Proposal


The System must be able to :

  • Ensure all disparate data types are captured and indexed
  • Ensure effective collaboration across an organization
  • Ensure all analysis ready data is securely contained
  • Ensure all data formats are fully searchable
  • Ensure results of analysis are shareable